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paintedspires's Journal

Painted Spires
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stargate atlantis fanart
Welcome to Paintedspires!

This community was first started for a one-time only art challenge, but has now been expanded into being a flashart community, meaning there will be occasional challenges put forth with a fixed time to complete artwork based on them. The rules are based roughly on those of sga_flashfic's.

Membership is open and all types of fanart - hand-drawn, manips, vids etc. - are accepted. Any member can post in response to a challenge until the challenge is formally closed. No off-topic or non-fanart posts are allowed. We don't foresee much confusion about what may or may not be accepted, but please contact the mods if you are not sure of something.

Each challenge will last approximately a month, and within that time, the artwork can only be posted to the paintedspires community. Please feel free to post links to the paintedspires post on your journal, but no crossposting of the actual work itself will be allowed till the challenge ends.

Posting guidelines:
• When posting, the subject line must contain the artist's name for easier archiving, the rating for the artwork, and the post must be tagged with the specific tag for that challenge. Please add the appropriate challenge tag, please do NOT add the "submissions" tag.
• Every post must have a work-safe preview (no matter what the rating of the work itself) no larger than 150x200, the artwork itself can be as large as desired.
• All ratings/pairings/gen are welcome, just make sure to have the rating/warnings marked clearly on the post.

Note: The original challenge entries can be seen under the "submissions" tag. Again, it is a tag that is not active any more and no flashart posts will be linked with this tag.

Your mods are pentapus and ileliberte, please feel free to drop us a line on any admin posts if you have questions.