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Painted Spires
"Roast Beast, Hot Date" by sandalstrap 
30th-Apr-2008 12:15 am
Title: Roast Beast, Hot Date
Artist: sandalstrap
Rating: PG
Prompt: "Rodney/Ronon, on a lunch date as the rest of the mess hall looks on in horror."
Medium: drawing.
Character(s) and/or Pairing(s): Rodney/Ronon



messy faces</a>

eta: image reuploaded.
30th-Apr-2008 07:27 am (UTC)
Eeeeee! Perfect!!! I first wanted to claim that one, but decided I couldn't do it justice. I'm so happy you did coz it's brilliant.*bounce*

Thanks for sharing :D
30th-Apr-2008 08:17 am (UTC)

this is so awesome :)
30th-Apr-2008 10:29 am (UTC)
Completely and entirely adorkable. I love their expressions, especially Ronon's.
(Deleted comment)
30th-Apr-2008 01:53 pm (UTC)
I burst out laughing. The gravy kisses are just too sweet.
30th-Apr-2008 02:01 pm (UTC)
Awwwwwww! They are so adorable. Especially Ronon with his chipmunk cheeks. And Rodney with his smeared forehead. Which is both of them. Hm.
30th-Apr-2008 04:15 pm (UTC)
Hee. I like the colors and Ronon's expression and Rodney's bbq-sauce forehead kiss stamp.
30th-Apr-2008 04:59 pm (UTC)
That is just adorable. Rodney with the kiss print on his forehead and the two of them with their messy, messy mouths and shirts.
30th-Apr-2008 05:21 pm (UTC)
Hee! I love Rodney's little kiss mark. This was too cute!
(Deleted comment)
30th-Apr-2008 09:10 pm (UTC)
LOL! And is that a messy kiss on Rodney's forehead too!!!!? Adorable :-)
1st-May-2008 10:52 am (UTC)
*g* Very funny and sweet :D

And I love your sketchy style!
1st-May-2008 11:09 am (UTC)
Heee so cute !!! I love Ronon's face and Rodney's pout !!! I can' stop staring at them !!!
1st-May-2008 04:03 pm (UTC)
D'aaaawwwwww! Very, very cute.
1st-May-2008 11:38 pm (UTC)
3rd-May-2008 11:56 am (UTC)
Hee, awww, that's adorable!!!
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