Holiday Challenge (with added fun)

This challenge has two options:

1) Holidays - Art about holidays celebrated in the Pegasus galaxy, the team on Earth during the holidays, Christmas, Hanukkah, Diwali, anything holiday celebrations related. Go crazy!

OR (for the overachievers: AND)

2) Make an image from this squiggle:
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Things that need to be there: the shapes, in that order, and in that aspect ratio, or at least close enough.

Things that don't need to be there: Those specific lines themselves. You can just trace over them to form lines/edges in your work, they don't need to be there as an outline and definitely don't have to stay black. (Handy tip: if you want this as a guiding layer on top of your photoshop stack of layers and don't quite know how to do that, just set the layer to multiply, and do your drawing and coloring in layers below it)

The canvas can be any size you want, smaller, larger, or exactly the size of the image. (The square border's only there to make sure it doesn't merge into the white background of the comments page)

All artwork is due by January 3rd (ETA: see below), please use the challenge: holidays tag and feel free to post whenever between now and the 3rd. Please note that all works must be posted on paintedspires only till the 3rd, after which you may cross post anywhere you please. When posting, please use the "challenge: holidays" tag that has been used for this entry. Detailed rules are on the Profile page.

Have fun and please feel free to ask if you have any questions :)

ETA: Please feel free to disregard the date above and post until a new closing date is announced. Since the challenge was posted at kind of a busy time, we hope more submissions will be entered before we move onto a new challenge.

Halloween challenge master list (finally)

Oh hey, guess who completely forgot about their own community? Yeah, that would be us, so, sorry if there were/are people actually waiting for us to post the master list and an official end to the challenge so they could post their works to their own journals :( Mea culpa and all that, the list is finally here, and a new challenge will be posted tomorrow, so look out for that :)

All the works posted for the Halloween Challenge can be seen with the halloween tag here if you'd prefer to browse that way, otherwise, here's a master list of all the marvelous artwork posted (in order of date of posting):
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turkey landscape

Cultural Heritage, or Why Atlantis Had To Requisition So Much Felt by sandalstrap [G]

Title: Cultural Heritage, or Why Atlantis Had To Requisition So Much Felt
Rating: G
Medium: digital painting
Notes: Ronon and his culturally relevant Halloween costume! Keller made him not add poison to the talons like he'd been planning, but overall he's quite happy with the effect. (See aesc's agrop-related shenanigans over here!)


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halloween, linus

"John Sheppard, Halloween '75" by ratcreature

Title: John Sheppard, Halloween '75
Artist: ratcreature
Rating: G
Medium: pencil drawing
Notes: While it isn't Halloween anymore where I am, it still is elsewhere, so I hope this still counts as October posting too...

Maybe I've just watched the Peanuts Halloween special too often, but I couldn't help but think that at some point John must have dressed up as WW I Flying Ace for Halloween just like Snoopy. So here's a pencil sketch of John Sheppard on Halloween 1975, as he's going trick-or-treating.
Preview: preview of John Sheppard, Halloween 1975
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